Ludemann Strainers:
Ingeniously simple – simply ingenious!


Most malfunctions and system failures that come about in steam traps, pressure regulators and in a variety of control and measuring devices are due to the lack of an appropriate strainer able to prevent the soiling that is caused by sand, rust, etc.

Our strainers protect against such deposits and thus safeguard both your investments and the productivity of your plants.

Ludemann strainers are – thanks to varied manufacturing materials and special coatings – suitable for a wide range of uses, e.g., for water, oil, compressed air and steam. They can be incorporated into pipes horizontally or vertically. It is advisable to have shut-off valves built in on either side of the strainer in order to be able to clean the filter simply (i.e. without having to completely empty the system) and as necessary.

The medium flows through the strainer and through a screen with a large surface area. The cleansing capacity of this filter depends on the mesh number selected. During this process, dirt particles are caught and collected in the filter. The dirt particles deposited can then be easily removed when the filter is cleaned (regular cleaning required). The filters are otherwise practically maintenance-free and do not require special operation or the like.


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