Overview of our strainers

Strainer Y-type with socket-weld-ends

Strainer Y-type with butt-weld-ends

Strainer Y-type with screwed ends ANSI (NPT)

Strainer Y-type with screwed ends DIN (BSP)

Strainer Y-type with flanged ends ANSI

Strainer Y-type with flanged ends DIN

Strainer basket-type with flanged ends DIN

Temporary-Strainer (conical)

Single and dual filters, self cleaning filters DIN & ANSI

We offer single, dual and self cleaning filters in different specifications, with screwed ends or flanges according to DIN or ANSI.

Please contact us for futher technical information.

In-house screen manufacture to cater to your individual demands!

In 2006, we opened our own screen manufacturing plant in the Netherlands. Per year, a few thousand custom-built screens with a mesh number of between 0.01 and 20mm are manufactured as per our customers' requirements.

The benefits for our customers include increased flexibility in dealing with their individual demands as well as reductions of up to 75% on standard delivery times for this type of customised product.

You too can benefit from our individual manufacturing service!